About hadi


My Story.
My Mission.

I believe everybody deserves to push beyond their limits and have access to resources to live their healthiest life. My major motivation is seeing people attain greater heights after challenging themselves. I started out at a young age practicing martial arts with a burning desire to become a fitness and lifestyle influencer. From winning several competitions, struggles, challenges, coupled with my artistic career, I was able to push beyond limit.

There was a time I was seriously looking for a role as an actor. I went for several auditions, and I was almost giving a role at one point because I played very well. However, I was denied the opportunity simply because I didn’t have the required shape they were looking for. I pleaded with them to give me some time for me to build myself to their required shape, but they didn’t believe in me.

I went back home feeling dejected and thinking of what to do next. I had to take my destiny into my hands by building my body with rage and push beyond limits. I documented my difficult path towards achieving a more athletic body on social media and discovered that people from
across the world valued my advice and expertise.

Today, the story is no longer the same. My dedication and passion for fitness have earned me several awards, including a black belt in Tai-Jitsu and Ju-jitsu. I have also participated in various competitions and championships in kickboxing and Muay Thai.

I am known as “The challenge man” because of the creative and motivational challenges that I have been running. I was born and bred in Sale’, Morocco, but relocated to Dubai, U.A.E. I am the founder of a unique street style drum band known as BRAMEL’Z. I hold a Master’s degree in Marketing & Communication from the prestigious H.E.M. Business school and Jean Moulin lll University in Morocco and France, respectively.


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